As Race4Chase practice ramps up, we're keeping sportsmanship in mind

Posted on 7/10/17 by Samantha Savran

Ramping Up Our Training
With a day off on Tuesday last week, Monday was a perfect day for a tough workout. Eleven of our race4chasers cranked out some running hill repeats followed by an easy endurance run. The week’s focus was to start building endurance, and that focus will continue into this week.

With holidays and vacations behind us, we are ready to take off with our training. I have seen how physically able and talented these athletes are, so the coming week will be a test of their mental toughness as we get through some tough workouts together.

With Chase in their hearts and teammates by their sides, I have no doubt that our athletes will make us proud in the face of next week’s training challenges!

Coach's Corner - Raquel: Triathlon Sportsmanship
This week we visited the topic of sportsmanship in triathlon. The triathlon community is known for its overwhelming acceptance of athletes from all walks of life and athletic abilities. It is a sport where another’s success doesn’t have to inhibit our own successes.

A lasting memory I have from my own first triathlon is the support I got throughout the highs and lows of my entire race. Spectators and competitors cheered for me when I was leading my swim wave out of the water just as hard as they did when I was struggling to complete my first lap of the bike leg.

It is important for our young athletes to take this positive spirit with them as they approach race day and continue their athletic career. Whether our athletes decide to pursue triathlons competitively or keep it as a lifelong past time, every person benefits from a positive and supportive environment.

As we move toward race day I will continue to remind the athletes that our priorities are working hard and having fun. I hope that you might find the time to further discuss the value of sportsmanship with your own athletes in the coming weeks.

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