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NEW: We are launching Humans of the Y, a series of stories about our members, from our members. At the Y, we are all about building strong communities, and we think it's important to recognize the people who make up those communities!
YMCA Annual Internacional Fiesta August 5th, 5-7pm at Camp Chase
Annual YMCA Internacional Fiesta
August 5th, 5-7pm >>>
As Race4Chase practice ramps up, we're keeping sportsmanship in mind
Ramping Up Our Training
With a day off on Tuesday last week, Monday was a perfect day for a tough workout. Eleven of our race4chasers cranked out some running hill repeats followed by an easy endurance run. The week’s focus was to start building endurance, and that focus will continue into this week. >>>
Corina Mora: From Caracas to Camp
When you experience something amazing, it’s only natural you want to share it with the people closest to you. When Corina Mora came to Camp Jewell YMCA from Caracas, Venezuela in 2011 she didn’t realize the impact it would make on her life. Looking for an experience in the U.S. and an opportunity to practice her English, she sought a job as a camp counselor. What she found was an opportunity to impact others’ lives as well as her own. This year she’s back for her fourth summer, along with her fiancé, Daniel Caceres, whose first few weeks at camp have already exceeded his expectations.
“Living at camp for three months is life changing,” Corina said. “The amount of time you invest and the reward you get from that effort is awesome. By the end of the summer, people have changed and you’ve become part of a family.” >>>
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