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College Tour

Get your first taste of what college life has to offer! Our Spring Break College Tour is designed for high school students to get a feel for campus life on-location. We will visit colleges in North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland.
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Girls Creating A Future

Girls' Creating a Future (GCAF) is dedicated to establishing programs and activities that put a strong emphasis on social competencies.  Participants of GCAF are empowered through exercise, workshops, and engaging in conversations that focus on building knowledge, confidence, and leadership qualities necessary for them to be successful in professional, social, and academic settings.
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Teen Leadership Club (Ages 12 - 17)

Teen Leaders are 5th through 12th graders that meet and talk about themselves and the world around them. Since we are a YMCA organization, we emphasize the character traits of the YMCA, which are Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility. This service club allows for the opportunity for mentoring and requires a minimum number of hours volunteering to remain active. Planning trips and rallies in NY & MA are also what make this the place to be. Membership in the club is all year long, and anyone can join at any time.
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Teen Night (Ages 12 -17)

Hang out with friends, shoot some hoops, or get involved in interesting workshops and discussions where you can learn new skills and speak your mind. Teen Nights at the YMCA provide a safe space for teens to socialize, get support, and take part in fun activities. 
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Teen Night (Ages 9 -11)

Looking for something to do with your friends on the weekends? Come check out our Teen Nights that offer a fun and safe environment full of fun, games, and activities! This program will give Teens & Pre-Teens a place to go in order to relax and hang out with friends.
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Youth & Government

A special program designed for High School students to experience hands-on the legislative process! Students are able to assume personal roles in their delegation, and participate as they work together to write, debate, and pass bills that they have created.
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