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Accelerated Teen & Tween Fitness Program (Ages 10 - 12)

We understand kids want to enjoy working out as much as adults and here at the YMCA, we have condensed the Teen Strength & Fitness Program in a 6 Session package with a Certified Personal Trainer. This class meets y appointment and as soon as it is completed, teens (ages 10- 12) may use the Wellness Center with adult supervision.
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Basketball Skills and Conditioning

Program geared toward developing the skill and ability of high school and college basketball players.
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Children's Yoga

Children will delight in learning the ancient practice of yoga, in a joyful, accepting atmosphere.  Our experienced instructor specializes in helping children enjoy this exciting form of exercise. No experience necessary, all levels are welcome.
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Jukido Jujitsu

Jukido Jujitsu is a traditional self-defense system which utilizes the attacker's strength against them. This fact makes Jukido perfect for all ages and sizes. Classes begin for children at 6 years old and continue throughout childhood. This dynamic jujitsu system incorporates Paul Arel's legacy of three unifying principals to Martial arts:Shorin-ji, Jushin, and Kuzushi.
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Kokondo Karate

Kokondo Karate is a Japanese style of karate founded by Shihan Paul Arel in 1970. This dynamic and powerful form of karate emphasizes strikes, but has a strong jujitsu influence that allows for defense from various attacks. Curriculum consists of kihon (basic movments), kata (forms) and powerful self-defense.
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Teen Wellness Center Orientations (Ages 12 - 18)

Does your teen want to enjoy the Wellness Center like you do? Why not workout together? For young adults 15–18, who wish to use the Wellness Center, a one-time mandatory orientation must be completed with a trainer to ensure proper use of the equipment.
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Youth Super Soldier

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Youth Zumba

Classes are a dance n play party for little feet where pint-sized party animals get silly, dream big and begin their journey to a healthy future. This program is where 4 to 7-year-old's can just let loose and be themselves.  Here they will learn about different countries and cultures as well as dance moves from Latin countries.
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