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1 General Camp Information for all Wheeler Regional Family YMCA Day Camps

Mark your calendars! Attend Camp Wheeler Open House dates.
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, April 28
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, May 12
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, May 26
Who Can I Contact?
Please call our camp office with any questions at(860) 793-9631 ext.127.
Tim Gabbard, Youth Development Director
Clothing - Children should wear outdoor play clothes,closed-toe sneakers, and bring a bathing suit and towel. Please label all clothes with your child’s name. Counselors will make every effort to get clothing back to your child. All unclaimed items will be brought to the Camp Office. You may retrieve items at anytime.
Lunches - A lunch needs to be sent to camp with your child each day. Lunches should be clearly marked with child’s name and will be refrigerated. Please include utensils if necessary. Soft-sided lunch bags are preferred. Optional Subway lunches are available. See camp staff for details.

Rainy Days
- Camp will be held Rain or Shine. For inclement weather,please dress your child appropriately. A change of clothes should be sent with your child
on these days.
Items Prohibited From Camp K And Specialty Camps
• Portable Video Gaming Devices.
• Playing Cards (of any kind; including Magic Cards).
• Walkmans, iPods, or any other portable music devices
• Cell Phones
Items Prohibited From All Camps
• Personal items that may hold a significant value.
• Possession of knives of any kind, fireworks,matches, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any firearms will result in expulsion from camp and
referral to the local police department.
Bullying WILL NOT be tollerated
- 3 steps will be taken
- Step one/ Warning to the child and a call home
-Step two/ Meeting with the child and family
- Step three- Child will be removed from camp 
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2 Camp Kaleidoscope (Grades 1 - 5)

 Fee: $245 per 1 week session 
A traditional day camp experience with programs designed to help boys and girls
build self-confidence, meet new challenges and develop friendships with the
guidance of positive role models. During the course of each day, your child will have the opportunity to participate in many different activities including arts & crafts, nature, field games, swimming, team building, indoor rock climbing, archery (ages 7-10) and a weekly choice activity. Also, there will be theme days throughout the summer, all camp activities and spirit rallies. All children will be grouped by age. 
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3 Specialty Camps

These camps are designed to give participants an opportunity to meet new people and gain a different experience each week. Each camp will offer a unique theme with interactive fun activities. The camp day will focus on the main activity, but the children will also have fun swimming and participating in great traditional activities, as well.
Fee: $280 per 1 week session
Join the Y Aquatics staff for a week of swim training and swim skill improvement.
1 week session (Week 1 & 2)
Campers will spend the week exploring different mediums of fort building.
1 week session (Weeks 7)
Ever wonder why MENTOS make soda explode, or whether you can cook an egg on the black top? Come discover in Myth Busters Camp, a fun science- filled week of discovery. (Week 2 & 8)
Ready to fulfill your dreams of one day playing in front of cheering fans? Get your start in All Star Sports where campers will be taught the necessary skills in a new sport every day! All Star Sports will focus on not only having fun playing the games, but also sportsmanship and what it means to be a
part of a team!  week session (Week 4)
Fun and friendship, opportunity, confidence, unity, self-esteem form the foundation of this dynamic week full of activities to promote positive well-being and healthy lifestyles! Campers will spend their days learning about yoga, tai chi, fitness, nutrition, journaling, scrapbooking, hair care, manicures, and more!  1 week session (Week 4)
While traveling to a galaxy far, far away…campers will learn the way of the force, light-saber battling, and other mysteries of the Empire. 1 week session (Week 5)
Each day the campers will focus on three events that will include: beam, vault, and floor. This action-packed week will also be filled with some cheer and dance formations, as well as building skills. Campers will organize an exhibition for the entire camp and a parent show on Friday!
1 week session (Weeks 5 & 8)
Can you help solve some of camp’s greatest mysteries? In Spy Kids, campers will break secret codes, solve puzzles, discover invisible messages, and develop detective skills in a race to solve the many mysteries of camp!
1 week session (Week 6 & 9)
Write, direct, and produce! The Wheeler Theater Club will do all three as they put together their own production, while learning about acting and how to work behind the scenes.
1 week session (Week 6 & 7)
Have fun learning about your favorite animals…where they live, what sounds they make, what foods they eat, and how they move and play! Lots of creativity and imagination will be needed during this camp of amazing animals as you go on a safari and “visit a zoo.”
1 week session (Week 9)
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4 Teen Camp

Teen Camps are adventure camps specifically for students entering 6th through 8th grade.
Teens will take field trips at least two times per week to places that have been selected based upon their capability to teach the group leadership skills, social and cultural awareness, community service, and working together. The other days will be dedicated to activities on-site related to the theme of that week. Some of the field trips may include the following destinations: YMCA Camps, local attractions, CT State Parks, movies, and much more!

All field trips are included with price of camp, with the exception of a small number of trips. For more information on this or any of our Teen Camp field trips, please contact Director Tim Gabbard at
Since some of the field trips will not last for the entire camp day, there will be other scheduled activities to engage each camper’s spirit, mind and body such as: sports activities, group games, team building, and recreational swimming at the Wheeler Regional Family YMCA.
Fees: $300 per 1 week session (3 field trips included)
Teen Camp Sessions
Have you ever tried a new sport? Learn some new skills for a lifetime of fun and activity!
1 Week Session (Week 1)
Enjoy making something out of nothing? In Construction Camp, campers will be given a hands-on opportunity to design and build projects around
1 week session (Week 2)
Fulfill your sense of adventure by trying new and different things! Trips this week may include Flight, laser tag, hiking, and an amusement park. Time
at Teen Camp will include an adventure race, low ropes, and adventure archery.
1 Week Session (Week 3)
You will enjoy a week of water activities, and sports, and learn more about water safety while visiting aquatic attractions.
1 week session (Week 4)
Calling all chefs! Join us for five days of cooking camp with themes such as: Chopped, Snack Attack, Family Favorites, and more! Learn the necessary
culinary skills to make fun food and take over the kitchen.
1 week session (Week 5)
Learn more about what our state has to offer and visit some local destinations.
1 week session (Week 6)
Campers will have the opportunity to see the world through a different lens, as they learn to capture the world around them in a variety of new and
exciting ways. Campers will work together to write, film, photograph, edit, and produce a short movie, as well as create a photo display.
1 Week Session (Week 7)
Enjoy and find out new ways to express yourself in our Art Camp. Campers will be given the opportunity to learn skills and techniques to recreate
their imagination and their world around them.
1 week session (Week 8)
Do you have what it takes to be a great baker? This week will include creating cakes, Cupcake Wars, cookie favorites, making breads and desserts.
1 week session (Week 9)
Campers will get to try all of their favorite activities from all weeks of the summer!
1 week session (Week 10) 
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6 (CIT) Counselors In Training Camp (Entering Grades 9 & 10)

Grades 9 & 10
Our Counselors-In-Training program is an extensive continuation of our leadership development program with a particular focus on leadership with children in a camp setting. This three-week program offers campers the opportunity to work on counseling skills, conflict resolution, and program development as well as gain hands-on experience with various ages and activities. The first week of this program includes extensive training followed by two weeks assisting in our day camp programs and behind the scenes of camp.
Dates: Session 1 - June 27-July 15
Session 2 - July 18-August 5
Session 3 - August 8-August 26
Fee:  $325 per 3 week session
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7 Scamper Camp (Ages 3-5)

Ages 3-5 (9:00am-12noon)
An exciting, introductory, one week camping experience designed for our youngest campers. The activities and schedules are developmentally age appropriate and will include swimming, arts & crafts, stories, songs, nature, and play time. Different themes and fun activities will vary each week. A staff-to-child ratio of 1:5 ensures close supervision throughout the morning.
Weeks: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Fee: $130 per one week session
Week 3  July 9-13  Little Artists
Week 4  July 16-20  Bug’s Life
Week 5  July 23-27  PBS kids
Week 6  July 30-August 3  Dr. Seuss
Week 7  August 6-10  Animal Party
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