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Corina Mora: From Caracas to Camp

Posted on 6/23/17 7:57 AM by Eric Hutchinson
When you experience something amazing, it’s only natural you want to share it with the people closest to you. When Corina Mora came to Camp Jewell YMCA from Caracas, Venezuela in 2011 she didn’t realize the impact it would make on her life. Looking for an experience in the U.S. and an opportunity to practice her English, she sought a job as a camp counselor. What she found was an opportunity to impact others’ lives as well as her own. This year she’s back for her fourth summer, along with her fiancé, Daniel Caceres, whose first few weeks at camp have already exceeded his expectations. “Living at camp for three months is life changing,” Corina said. “The amount of time you invest and the reward you get from that effort is awesome. By the end of the summer, people have changed and you’ve become part of a family.” Corina’s finance, Daniel, was intrigued by her camp stories and is excited to be here with her this summer. “Last year I really encouraged her to return to camp to work as a coordinator, and when she returned home I wondered why I hadn’t gone as well. So this year we have come together.”
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Healthy Kids Day 2017

Posted on 5/3/17 9:16 AM by Danielle Trubia
Healthy Kids Day brought together families and organizations from all over NE Connecticut for a fun day of learning and community building. Hale YMCA hosted over 30 health, safety, youth and education groups to offer vision screenings, sports activities, face painting, nutrition information, dancing, snacks and so much more!
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The Interview

Posted on 4/12/17 4:15 PM by Alexander Thomas
Through the eyes of our youth, you can see the world just a little bit different. Read on!
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Meet Saeed Shakir!

Posted on 2/16/17 10:50 AM by Eric Hutchinson
Meet Saeed Shakir, a member of the YMCA of Greater Hartford. Saeed is 27 years old and will be turning 28 on March 29th of this year. Two and a half months ago, Saeed started coming to the Glastonbury Family YMCA. Motivated by his children, he decided that he needed to lose weight before his upcoming birthday. When he signed up for his membership, Saeed weighed in at 376 lbs. Since then, he has been coming to the Glastonbury Y for 30-60 minutes a day and using the treadmill, elliptical, and bikes. In just 2 and a half short months, Saeed has already lost 40 lbs and is feeling amazing! And he’s not done yet. Follow Saeed’s amazing story right here. Then stop in and start your own Y story.
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Thank you Wilson-Gray YMCA

Posted on 8/9/16 12:37 PM by Natalie Zembrzuski
"This is my story and experience with the Wilson-Gray YMCA and their staff. I am still at awe on how well I was treated and the positive experience I received at the Y. My grandson loves, and I mean loves playing soccer. However he doesn't get to play often, so when I come to town, from Kansas, I take him to his favorite place...The Wilson-Gray YMCA. This time when we went to check-in my grandson's membership was expired. I held my breath and asked what I needed to pay...these days a retirement income does not go very far, but I was going to make the sacrifice for my grandson.
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Jennifer's Experience

Posted on 6/4/16 12:28 PM by Scott Woodaman
Take a look at Jennifer's experience with our YMCA!   "We approached Camp Chase with quite low expectations and high anxiety. However after reaching out to camp director ahead of time and working with him to ensure he understood Jennifer’s personality and provided him with her IEP we were willing to give it a shot, and we were so glad we did." Read her full story here!
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Teen Wide World

Posted on 3/1/16 11:45 AM by Natalie Zembrzuski
In a time when youth and teens are ordinarily plugged into technology and have little peer interaction beyond their home communities, the weekend of December 11th to the 13th proved to be out of the ordinary for forty-two New England teens. Each year, in early December, teens from various communities are invited to participate in Teen Wide World at YMCA Camp Woodstock, a weekend funded entirely by donation dollars from Camps Annual Campaign. The weekend is designed to promote diversity and inclusion, bringing teens together from various cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds within the region. From Friday through Sunday, the teens explore diversity, discuss social problems, and are challenged with various team-building initiatives. The goal of the weekend is to expose teens to a variety of people and backgrounds in a safe setting, and to build character and leadership skills in each participant.
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Senior Luncheon

Posted on 11/24/15 4:41 AM by Andreas McCain
In recent months, the Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center decided to celebrate our Active Older Adults by hosting a monthly Senior Luncheon. Lovingly named the “Prime Y’ers”, our senior lunch bunch meets on the second Tuesday of each month, right after our Silver Sneakers class, to talk about our recent successes and struggles, break bread together, and inspire each other with stories of how the Y is at work in their lives. Each month we have a different guest speaker to discuss topics such as mentoring, love and religion, health and wellness, and senior assistance. At our November luncheon, our Prime Y’ers decided that they would like to set a new goal for themselves and finally tackle our Rock Wall. So, at a future meeting, we plan to scale the wall as our staff and members stand by for encouragement. At the start of each meeting, we ask for our members to go around the table and share how the Y has made a positive impact on their lives. On a particularly dreary day, one of our beloved members raised her hand and said, “It’s dark, it’s raining outside, I’m tired, and I’m old. If I’m here right now, you know the Y is doing SOMETHING right.”
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Posted on 10/21/15 10:50 AM by Marie Garrison
October is a month full of ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and scary costumes. It is also when we purposefully put ourselves in spooky situations at haunted attractions and movies. For some it is a time to conquer their fears. In Glastonbury, October is also when Leaders Club begins. At one of our first meetings the teen leaders began sharing what they are most afraid of. Some talked about their fear of spiders, some a fear of the dark. One leader even talked about her fear of meeting new people and how Leaders Club has helped her overcome this fear. She has said that because of Leaders Club she is no longer afraid to reach out to her peers and enter new situations without fear! In fact the YMCA is helping youth overcome their fears every single day. Sometimes we don’t even know it. Whether it’s by giving a child the opportunity to audition for the play for the first time, or get into a pool and take a swim test, or rock climb the Y staff are there to encourage self-confidence, and to make kids feel safe.
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Remembering Camp these Last Few Days of Summer...

Posted on 9/1/15 4:01 PM by Robin Messerli
Here at the West Hartford YMCA, we want to take a minute to reflect on the awesome summer we had at camp. Here's some of our favorite camper and counselor stories and drawings from our YMCA Camps at St. Brigid School and the St. Thomas Seminary.
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