FootLights is a performing arts and education program for children ages 5-17 designed to help youth discover their talents in a safe, fun environment. Founded by Michele Colletti and expanded by Debra Mauldin, the program focuses on both the artistic and the academic success of its participants.

Classes include, but are not limited to: show choir, dance, step & drill, martial arts, African drumming and theater. Academic support provided through private tutoring with computer access, monthly field trips, workshops, and performances! At the end of each school year there’s a performance for the families, friends and supporters of the participants to showcase their hard work.


Auditions are held over the summer, and the program runs during the school year. Please call the Welcome Center for more information, or to find out how to register mid-year.


Also inquire about our volunteer, fundraising, school community service hours, internships and work study opportunities!


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Open registration is in the summer. To join us mid-year, fill out the contact form below or call our Welcome Center.