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Wilson-Gray Group Ex Schedule


Please note: You do NOT need to register for free group exercise classes, unless it is noted. The schedules are merely a tool to help you know when the classes are offered in an efficient matter, so please do not register!

strength training
Regardless of your level of fitness, we have a strength class for you to help you enhance your flexibility, balance and overall muscle strength. From abs, glutes & legs to total body conditioning, choose the workout that's right for you.
Burn calories, sculpt, shape, and increase muscle tone—all in a friendly, social environment.
These high-energy group cycling classes combine heart-pumping music and instructor motivation with the body-changing effects of cardiovascular cycling. Work out at your own pace and enjoy the exhilaration of this challenging and inspiring exercise.
Dance your way into fitness! Dancing gets your heart going along with improving your coordination. Have fun by getting a terrific workout into your schedule!
Silver Sneakers Classic focuses on strengthening muscles and increasing range of movement for daily life activities.
Participants can use hand-held weights, elastic tubing with handles and a Silver Sneakers ball. Often a chair is used for seated exercises or
standing support.