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Is someone having a birthday soon or are you looking for a place to have a family reunion, graduation, or any other special occasion? YMCA branches provide the perfect venue for your get-together!
Seasonal Events Classes & More Info >>

Seasonal Events

The YMCA is always in the "holiday spirit"! We continually plan special events to help you celebrate whatever the season may bring.
Preschool Fun Classes & More Info >>

Preschool Fun

Our Preschool programs empower young children by encouraging them to initiate their own thought processes at an early age, by being exposed to many different avenues of stimulation. Give your young child the excellent learning advantage of Preschool programs provided by the YMCA.
Arts & Crafts Classes & More Info >>

Arts & Crafts

We have a variety of continual programs for kids who just love working with their hands as a creative expression of themselves. Check out the latest!
Cooking Classes & More Info >>


Are you a culinary kid? We have just the activities and programs for those who love to "mix it up!"
Fun Fitness Classes for Teens Classes & More Info >>

Fun Fitness Classes for Teens

The health and fitness of today's kids are challenged by rising levels of inactivity and obesity. The solution? Fun, exhilarating workouts that become healthy habits for life! The YMCA of Greater Hartford is committed to stemming the tide of childhood obesity and inactivity through age-appropriate fitness programs designed to improve the health, strength, and physical endurance of youth in our community. Highly-trained YMCA fitness instructors provide motivating programs that help kids understand the lifelong benefits of moving more—and making healthier food choices.
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