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Groups and Clubs

Join others with similar interests in a healthy group atmosphere. We offer walking clubs, running clubs, triatholon-clubs, support groups and more! Don't see a club here that meets your needs? Email your YMCA to suggest one!
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Group Activities

A hallmark of the YMCA is that we continually develop a variety of life-enriching opportunities for adults as well as children. We encourage you to look at what we have to offer, and feel free to suggest new ideas that may enhance the YMCA mission and experience. For more "physically active" and health-related programs, click on Health & Fitness/Adults.
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We have a variety of continual selections in the art of crafting. Check out the latest!
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Seasonal Events

The YMCA is always in the "holiday spirit"! We continually plan special events to help you celebrate whatever the season may bring.
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Is someone having a birthday soon or are you looking for a place to have a family reunion, graduation, or any other special occasion? YMCA branches provide the perfect venue for your get-together!
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