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Certifications & Training

With so many life-threatening emergencies happening in or around the home, it's more important than ever to be prepared just in case you're confronted with a home emergency. Being prepared can avert tragedy and minimize the possibility of injury or even death. The YMCA offers an array of courses designed to help you become prepared for life-threatening emergencies. Be a part of creating a healthier, better prepared community by signing up for one of our emergency preparedness classes.
Water Fitness Classes Classes & More Info >>

Water Fitness Classes

Take to the water for fun and fitness! We offer a variety of Aquatic Exercise programs for all fitness levels—and you don't have to be a swimmer to participate! The programs—which take place mainly in the shallow water—range from joint range-of-motion classes to high-intensity aerobic classes. Exercising in the water provides a challenging workout in a near weightless and zero-impact environment.
Swim Lessons- Group & Private Classes & More Info >>

Swim Lessons- Group & Private

If you're an adult that has never learned to swim, you are not alone! Lots of adults learn to swim at the YMCA under the patient and skillful direction of YMCA aquatics professionals. Enjoy learning with others or one-on-one lessons to work at your own pace. Once you learn to swim, you'll never feel unsafe around water, and you will enjoy the many physical benefits regular swimming can provide.
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