The Power of Bacon

Posted on 8/8/15 by Ruthie Napoleone

And now for some thoughts on the Power of Bacon from our own Camp Jewell Swanzey coordinator, Alex Lattimore.

It’s 10 a.m. on a weekday and camp is just starting to get into the swing of things. The sun is shining, birds are chirping and clinics are in full swing. From Swanzey I hear the strumming of the guitars in in guitar clinic, see the sweat dripping from the faces of hard-working kids in soccer clinic and I can smell the fire from the nearby outdoor cooking clinic.

That morning I was graced by the helping hands of three CITs who were happy to assist with packing out the Ewok and Argo overnights. They were absolutely killing it so I asked myself how I could best spend the extra time I was blessed with. I thought for a minute … and then it hit me, like a ton of bricks, and I knew exactly what I would do.

I break out a camp stove, throw on a griddle, fire the stove up and wait. When I lay each piece on it immediately gives off that fabulous, enticing aroma and it makes that welcomed symphony of crackles and sizzles. As the smell and sounds spread through the nearby areas, I can see people starting to wonder if it could really be what they think it is. And then, they came. More and more visitors made their way over to Swanzey to see if their wishes had actually come true. “Hey—is that bacon?!” they yell as they approach me. Next, the inevitable question: “Can I have some?” I had to break it to them that this was special bacon for people going on their overnights. The Ewoks and Argos were ecstatic to learn there would be bacon as a possible hobo dinner ingredient.

So perhaps it’s not surprising how excited everyone else got when they found out they, too, would be getting bacon on their upcoming overnights. The Utopians set a Senior table and left a note that said “Thanks for the bacon, Alex” … even though I hadn’t given them any yet! There was just such an excitement around camp with people knowing there would be succulent, mouthwatering bacon in store for them on their overnights.

And that’s the power of bacon. It has the ability to create such happiness and delight from its smell and by knowing that, sometime soon, they would also be wallowing in its glory.
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