Overnights at Camp Jewell

Posted on 8/4/15 by Ruthie Napoleone

If you came to Camp Jewell YMCA as a kid and/or worked here as a counselor you're sure to remember going on an overnight. For Chloe Shortall, the Nit Nois coordinator, it's her favorite part of summer camp.

For me, the overnight is one of the best things about Camp Jewell. For the younger groups, it’s an adventure and maybe their first time sleeping outside. For the Utops and Ewoks, it might be their first time trying a hobo dinner, putting up a tent, or canoeing across the lake to reach their site. For the older villages it’s an exciting trip; going somewhere they’ve never been before.

As the Nit Nois Coordinator it’s great to see my little Nit Nois on their first/second/third overnight. Whether they are helping out a new camper who is a bit unsure, leading the way to the site, or just enjoying their time with the group, it’s different every time, but also a pleasure to see.

We take over Sunrise Mountain: set up camp, make hobos, have s’mores and do other activities to make it as good as possible. What’s the best thing about the overnight for me? Seeing the girls’ faces the next morning when they realize what they have accomplished: they are so proud and they should be. For quite a few of them, the overnight is a huge turning point – they have accomplished something they never thought they could do and I’m so proud of them for that.
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