Posted on 10/21/15 by Marie Garrison

October is a month full of ghosts and goblins, pumpkins and scary costumes. It is also when we purposefully put ourselves in spooky situations at haunted attractions and movies. For some it is a time to conquer their fears. In Glastonbury, October is also when Leaders Club begins. At one of our first meetings the teen leaders began sharing what they are most afraid of. Some talked about their fear of spiders, some a fear of the dark. One leader even talked about her fear of meeting new people and how Leaders Club has helped her overcome this fear. She has said that because of Leaders Club she is no longer afraid to reach out to her peers and enter new situations without fear! In fact the YMCA is helping youth overcome their fears every single day. Sometimes we don’t even know it. Whether it’s by giving a child the opportunity to audition for the play for the first time, or get into a pool and take a swim test, or rock climb the Y staff are there to encourage self-confidence, and to make kids feel safe.
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