HUMANS OF THE Y: Renee (September #YSlimdown)

Posted on 9/27/18 by Samantha Savran

10 days of stories. 10 weeks of competition. A lifetime of feeling good about yourself. Read about how Renee lost 70 pounds at the Y! #YSlimdown #HumansoftheY

"After holding a sedentary nursing job and finishing graduate school, I had gained so much weight that many of the simple things that most people take for granted were difficult for me to do. As a medical professional, I knew that I had to make my own health a priority.

"I started out first with a goal to lose 5 pounds, just to know what I was doing was working. Then I set intermediate, and then final goals, which helped me to be not so overwhelmed with having so far to go and to make the task seem feasible.

"So far, I have lost 70 pounds and greatly reduced my BMI. Also, I have improved my muscular strength and endurance. I go to the Wellness Center at the Hale YMCA two times a week for cardio and personal training with Bri and have made lifestyle changes in my diet by choosing more healthy foods. Being almost 60 years old, Bri works diligently with me in devising training that is personalized to my abilities. Consistency and perseverance have been key to my success, as well as receiving support from other employees and members that I have met along the way at the Y!"
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