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ONLINE REGISTRATION Most Frequently Asked Questions
Online Registration is available to all YMCA of Greater Hartford “Members”.

Q: Who is a “Member”?
A: A “Member” is a facility membership paying person or family. A “Program Member” does not pay a membership fee.

Q: What are the benefits of being a “Member?”
A: A “Member” receives full use of all YMCA of Greater Hartford branch facilities, advance program registration, reduced program fees by half or more, excluding Child Care and Camp. Members are also receive us of YMCA facilities in all of New England (some restrictions do apply). For a full list of benefits click on Membership and Join Now or contact your YMCA.

Q: What are the benefits of a “Program Member”?
A: A Program Member can participate in programs offered by any branch of the YMCA of
Greater Hartford. Program Members do not have full access to YMCA facilities.

Q: How do I get started?
A:Search through our website to find the class you would like to participate in
Click on the class to find the day and time that fits your schedule as well as the branch location most convenient. Select the class you desire and click on the register now button. The system will prompt you to continue through check out.

Q: I am an existing ”member” and/or have participated in a program and I am new to online registration what do I do?

A: Enter all required fields in the Find Account pop up box. Required fields are last name, date of birth and zip code.

Q: I am a current “member” and/or I have participated in a program and I am trying to register online, but the system cannot find me what do I do?
A: Call your YMCA and make sure your membership information is current in our system. To
sign into your account your last name, home zip code and date of birth MUST be correct in our database. Reminder, “Members” have priority registration, one week prior to “Program
Members”, at the following branches; Downtown YMCA, Farmington Valley YMCA, Wheeler Regional Family YMCA and Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center.

Q: I am not a current “member” and I have not participated in a program before can I still register online?
A: Yes, you can register online for programs by creating a new account.

Q: Can I register for more than one program at a time?
A: Yes, you can register for multiple programs at the same time.

Q: Can I register more than one member at a time?
A: Yes

Q:How do I pay for classes online?
A: You may choose from any existing electronic payment methods we have on file or you can
add a new credit card.

Q: I receive Financial Assistance; will my assistance apply if I register online?
A: If you register on line you will need to pay the full price. If you receive financial assistance, it is strongly recommended that you register in person at any of our branches. This way you pay only the amount determined by your Financially Assisted status. If you register online and pay full price, you may contact the Membership Department at your branch to receive a credit on your account. Refunds are not available to offset full price payments.

Q: What is the refund/cancellation policy?
A: Withdrawal from Full Membership due to medical reasons: full credit/refund for the unused
portion of Membership Fee; doctor’s note required • If the YMCA cancels a program, a credit/refund of program fee will be issued to you. • Suspension or termination of Full Membership: full credit/refund for the unused portion of your membership. • Returned payment: Member responsible for service fee • Deposits: All deposits for the purpose of securing a spot in a program are non-refundable • All credits valid for one year from date of issue.

Q: What if the class I want is already full?

A: We encourage you to put your child on the waiting list. This gives us a better idea of the
number of people interested in our programs, and allows us to create new classes or recruit
additional instructors whenever possible. We do everything possible to get as many participants off the waiting list and enrolled in classes.

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