YMCA Achievers Program


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The Achievers Program began in 1971 at the Harlem branch YMCA of Greater New York (The Minority Achievers in Business and Industry Program). The Youth Achievers in Hartford has been in existence for over a decade. Over 500 students have participated in the program.

Program Design
The Achievers Program helps youth to raise their academic standards, develop a positive sense of self, build character, explore diverse college and career options, and learn from role models who inspire them to greater heights. 

This program runs for the duration of the academic school year. Participant sessions are held bi-monthly on Saturdays at the Wilson-Gray YMCA from 9:30 a.m. to noon. Participants include adult mentors, students, and parents.

Parent Achievers
Parent Achievers are adults whose children are enrolled in the program. They have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with peers. This program is designed to promote open and effective parenting. It strives to re-enforce academic success and empowerment for all ages. This group includes workshops, activities, and career resources.
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