REACH Coalition

The Greater Hartford REACH (Racial and Ethnic Approaches to Community Health) Coalition was established to bring together pre-existing community collaborations in their efforts to change policies, systems and environments, as a strategy to mitigate health disparities in communities of color.

The mission of the Greater Hartford REACH coalition is: “To work collaboratively to make the 'healthy choice the easy choice' by assuring access to healthy foods, safe and healthy environments, affordable health care, and healthy outcomes through changes in policies, systems and environments.”

The overall vision for REACH is to create a healthier Hartford for ALL its residents regardless of age, race, ethnicity, gender or social economic status. The coalition is currently focusing its Community Action Plan (CAP) and strategies on nutrition and obesity within three of the North End Hartford neighborhoods: Clay-Arsenal, North East and Upper Albany, which have a population of 24,000 and are predominately Black and Latino.

All equally committed to health equity and creating healthy communities, this diverse group of organizations/individuals have come together as coalition partners to make a collective impac: Active City, AETNA, Community Solutions Northeast Neighborhood Partnership, Connecticut Department of Public Health, Connecticut Health Foundation, Foodshare, Greater Hartford NAACP, Hartford Food System, Hartford Hospital, Urban League of Greater Hartford, Urban Alliance, Public Allies, Saint Francis Hospital Curtis D. Robinson Center for Health Equity, Connecticut Institute for Clinical and Translational Science at UConn Health and YMCA of Greater Hartford. In addition to our active partners, the work and mission of the REACH Coalition has and continues to be supported by others throughout the city and the state.

This is an exceptional group of community partners, each of whom is providing the community with a wide array of critical health and wellness programs and other services. The REACH Coalition is a continuance of this work and will: (1) support the services and programs that are currently being provided, (2) forge relationships that will assist in securing additional funding/resources for a greater array of needed services; and (3) provide an opportunity to create policies, systems and environmental changes that will improve the quality of life and health in communities in Hartford.

Click here to download the Reach Resource Guide.


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