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LEHY 12 and unders getting it done at the hhac pentathlon!


LEHY MEMBERS SHARE Earliest Swimming Memories:

Paige Sciarra: I was 6 years old and it was during Christmas vacation. I was walking on a pool deck and I stepped on a broken piece of an ornament and cut my foot. This is why I always wear something on my feet around the deck.
Reilly Kleinhen: When I was 4, I swam my first meet at Orchard Hill and I only had to swim the 25-yard freestyle. I was really scared to go off the block and to be alone. So I dove off the side of the block at lane 1, did a perfect streamline (at least I thought it was) and I had to have Coach Zach Cleary and my mom follow my on the side of the entire time until I reached the other side of the pool without grabbing the wall or the lane line.
Angela Meglin: Being at my first meet in Branford. I was getting up on the block to swim my leg of the relay and then I fell off because I was so nervous. And it turned out I had sprained my arm.
Coach Ed: Kaeley was 7 years old and the town was sponsoring their annual town championships. We planned on going camping that weekend but decided to stop at the meet and have Kaeley swim her first competitive experience. She only had to swim a 25-yard free. We could go camping afterward. Kaeley started crying as she got on the block. She had never been so high above the water before. She cried and cried and delayed the meet as the officials tried to console her and the crowd cheered, "You can do it Kaeley!" She went on the block again crying endlessly. The starter said, "Take your mark" and started the race. Kaeley jumped (not dove) into the water and 30 seconds later got out of the water still crying. "Wasn't that fun" we asked. "NO" she answered. "I never want to do that again."
She got her award and we went camping, where Kaeley got such a bad cold that we went home the next morning. Kaeley never liked camping again. She did however join the Vernon Swim Team the next summer and continued swimming through thick & thin until she graduated from college. Now Kaeley gets to tell swimmers, "Don't be afraid" and, "Wasn't that fun?" I'm so glad we went camping.
Marysia Borucinska-Begg: I was learning to properly dive off the blocks. I used to rock back on my start to get momentum to launch myself into the pool, and when we were doing dives at practice my best friend (a boy I also had a crush on) was standing behind me -- I accidentally rocked back so far, I hit his face with my bum! I was so embarrassed and have developed a very forward leaning track start ever since.
Allie Wildstein: My earliest swimming memory is when I was trying out for LEHY. I was doing my backstroke and then hitting my head on the wall instead of touching with my hands. Then I got out and Kaeley stuck her freezing water bottle on my head.
Charlie Keen: My earliest swim memory was my first meet. It was at Cheshire. We were half way there and my dad thought he screwed up and the meet was at Wesleyan, so we went to Wesleyan. When we got there we found out my dad was right the first time and that the meet was in Cheshire.
Colin Curtin: Going to YMCA New England with Coach Ed my first year!
Eileen Carpenter: Diving off the block and swimming backstroke by accident.
Samantha Ruschmeier: Having a crush on my swim lesson teacher then seeing him swimming for LEHY!
Tegan Ruschmeier: Rec-champs when my mom told me to stay under the water as long as I could on the 50-yard butterfly. So when I swam it I streamlined to the half-way mark and then came up, did one stroke and dove back down and streamlined the rest of the lap.
Sydney Ruschmeier: Hyperventilating at one of my first swim meets and almost quitting swimming.
Coach Kaeley: Taking the team picture and being able to sit next to the boy I had a crush on. I leaned over to be closer to him and CLICK...picture taken. I still have the picture!            

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