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The Greater Hartford YMCA saw its first structure built in 1892. It included the first indoor swimming pool in Hartford. Other structures were built in 1938, which housed locker rooms and a swimming pool, and in 1974 Hartford added the “Fit Zone," a residence floor and offices. The Industrial Management Club was established in 1939 and gave mid-level and line managers of the many manufacturing firms in Hartford a place for continuing education and socialization. In 1977 the branch established its first emergency shelter, Jewell House, for teenagers. Recognizing that the YMCA was not doing enough to provide programs and services to families in Hartford’s other neighborhoods; we began expanding into our Greater Hartford communities. From Plainville to Colebrook we have expanded across Hartford County, Putnam and Woodstock. The Greater Hartford YMCA has twelve branches and two residential camps serving more than 10,000 people a year.

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