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YMCA Overnight Summer Camp promotes independence, builds critical social skills, and raises youth's self-esteem. The YMCA of Greater Hartford operates two world-class overnight camps in Connecticut. Camp Woodstock, located in the northeast or “quiet” corner of the state, boasts a traditional overnight camp experience that is both intimate and rustic. Camp Jewell, in the northwest corner of Connecticut, offers a dynamic camp community with a wide variety of activity choices and specialty camps, including an equestrian riding camp known as Ranch Camp.

Both Camp Jewell and Camp Woodstock focus ALL their programs on relationship building, helping kids make quality friendships that will last a lifetime because they are founded on the principle values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility.

YMCA of Greater Hartford family members get a discount on overnight camp! If you have a family membership, you get $175 off for 1 week, or $350 off for 2 weeks! The discount is per child, and can be applied for as many weeks of camp as you sign up for!

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Camp Jewell Summer Camp 

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Camp Woodstock Summer Camp in Woodstock, CT

Camp Jewell Summer Camp in Colebrook, CT

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