Kids & Teens Swim & Aquatics Classes Offered at Farmington Valley YMCA


Parent/Child Aquatic Lessons (6 months - 3 years)

Swim Lessons (Ages 3 - 5 years)

Swim Lessons - Semi-Private & Private

Swim Lessons – Kids to Teens (Ages 6 years and up)

1. Polliwog (Ages 6 & Up)  [click for more]

2. Guppy (Ages 6 & Up)  [click for more]

3. Minnow (Ages 6 & Up)  [click for more]

4. Fish (Ages 6 & Up)  [click for more]

6. Shark (Ages 6 & Up)  [click for more]

Beginner Springboard Diving  [click for more]

Intermediate Springboard Diving  [click for more]


Swim Teams and Clinics - Farmington Valley

01. Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunamis - Breakers Developmental Team - Recommended ages 5-8  [click for more]

02. Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunamis - Riptides Developmental Team - Recommended ages 5-10  [click for more]

03. Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunamis - Seismics 1 - Recommended ages 8-12  [click for more]

04. Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunamis - Seismics 2 - Recommended ages 9-15  [click for more]

The Seismics II Level will provide swimmers with the physical and technical fitness necessary to compete at the YMCA Yankee Cluster /YMCA Winter Invite/YMCA New England and USA Regional /Age Group levels. Additional competitive skills are introduced, including training etiquette, advanced stroke mechanics, training and race strategies, goal setting, proper nutrition, and mental preparation. Pool sessions will include low, medium and high intensity endurance training, technical-sprint sets, quality kick sets, race rehearsal and advanced start, stroke, turn and finish progressions. Yardage and intensity will vary depending on time of year. In addition to an extensive in-water program, the Seismics II Level will offer an advanced dry-land training program designed to build general and specific swimming strength, enhance technique, reduce injuries and improve overall flexibility.

Prerequisites: Each swimmer must be able to swim 100 yards (4 lengths) of freestyle and backstroke without rest or stopping and swim butterfly and breaststroke correctly for a minimum of 50 yards, GHYMCA membership. Swimmers must demonstrate the emotional maturity needed to follow practice sessions. Swimmer must be able to sustain a pace to improve endurance in practice.  Program is for ages 9-15, including 9/10 yr. old YMCA YMCA New England and USA Age Group Swimmers, 11/12 yr. old YMCA Yankee Cluster/YMCA Winter Invite Swimmers and USA Regional Swimmers, and 13/Over beginning competitive swimmers. Participants under the age of 10 or with no previous competitive swimming experience should be evaluated before joining.

Practice Attendance: For regular improvement, swimmers should attend at least 4 of the 5 practices offered per week.

05. Farmington Valley YMCA Tsunamis - Rogues - Recommended ages 11-18  [click for more]

08. CT Swimming/USA Swimming  [click for more]