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Wheeler Regional Family YMCA Day Camp (Grades K-8th)

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1 General Camp Information for all Wheeler Regional Family YMCA Day Camps

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Mark your calendars! Attend Camp Wheeler Open House dates.
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, April 28
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, May 12
• Camp Wheeler Saturday, May 26
Who Can I Contact?
Please call our camp office with any questions at(860) 793-9631 ext.127.
Tim Gabbard, Youth Development Director
Clothing - Children should wear outdoor play clothes,closed-toe sneakers, and bring a bathing suit and towel. Please label all clothes with your child’s name. Counselors will make every effort to get clothing back to your child. All unclaimed items will be brought to the Camp Office. You may retrieve items at anytime.
Lunches - A lunch needs to be sent to camp with your child each day. Lunches should be clearly marked with child’s name and will be refrigerated. Please include utensils if necessary. Soft-sided lunch bags are preferred. Optional Subway lunches are available. See camp staff for details.

Rainy Days
- Camp will be held Rain or Shine. For inclement weather,please dress your child appropriately. A change of clothes should be sent with your child
on these days.
Items Prohibited From Camp K And Specialty Camps
• Portable Video Gaming Devices.
• Playing Cards (of any kind; including Magic Cards).
• Walkmans, iPods, or any other portable music devices
• Cell Phones
Items Prohibited From All Camps
• Personal items that may hold a significant value.
• Possession of knives of any kind, fireworks,matches, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or any firearms will result in expulsion from camp and
referral to the local police department.
Bullying WILL NOT be tollerated
- 3 steps will be taken
- Step one/ Warning to the child and a call home
-Step two/ Meeting with the child and family
- Step three- Child will be removed from camp 
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