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Chess for all Levels

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Want to learn new  strategies and ways to win as well as other chess “secrets”? This is the perfect program for you.  Beginners are welcome (those that do not know how to play at all). You will learn all the basic moves of the chess pieces, their values, piece interaction, and how to win (checkmate).  Most of all, have fun and make friends!

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Kids Night Out!

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Bring your kids to the YMCA for an exciting evening filled with fun, friends, crafts, games, and pizza! Plan a date with your loved one and let us take care of the kids!
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Vacation Club/Snow Club (Grades K - 6th)

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Throughout the school year, there are many occasions for schools to close—holidays, and school breaks. At the YMCA, we realize the importance of providing a safe environment for these students during the time that schools are not operating. These are fun-filled days at the YMCA that include art projects, games, and swimming* (activities may vary by YMCA).


Preschool Fun

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Stepping Stones (Ages 2yrs - 4yrs)

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The enrichment program focuses on skill development in the areas of Literacy, Music, Art, Math, and Science. Each day the children will focus on a riveting adventure to light sparks and find passions. You may sign up for one or more themed days. Each theme meets once per week for a total of 7 classes. Cost per theme is $100 each.

Ages: 2-4yrs

Monday - Story Adventures
Tuesday - Music Adventures
Wednesday - Art Adventures
Thursday - Math Adventures
Friday - Nature Adventures

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