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Corina Mora: From Caracas to Camp

Posted on 6/23/17 7:57 AM by Eric Hutchinson
When you experience something amazing, it’s only natural you want to share it with the people closest to you. When Corina Mora came to Camp Jewell YMCA from Caracas, Venezuela in 2011 she didn’t realize the impact it would make on her life. Looking for an experience in the U.S. and an opportunity to practice her English, she sought a job as a camp counselor. What she found was an opportunity to impact others’ lives as well as her own. This year she’s back for her fourth summer, along with her fiancé, Daniel Caceres, whose first few weeks at camp have already exceeded his expectations. “Living at camp for three months is life changing,” Corina said. “The amount of time you invest and the reward you get from that effort is awesome. By the end of the summer, people have changed and you’ve become part of a family.” Corina’s finance, Daniel, was intrigued by her camp stories and is excited to be here with her this summer. “Last year I really encouraged her to return to camp to work as a coordinator, and when she returned home I wondered why I hadn’t gone as well. So this year we have come together.”
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Jennifer's Experience

Posted on 6/4/16 12:28 PM by Scott Woodaman
Take a look at Jennifer's experience with our YMCA!   "We approached Camp Chase with quite low expectations and high anxiety. However after reaching out to camp director ahead of time and working with him to ensure he understood Jennifer’s personality and provided him with her IEP we were willing to give it a shot, and we were so glad we did." Read her full story here!
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Wilson - Gray MOCHA Bike Ride

Posted on 6/25/15 2:39 PM by Andreas McCain
The MOCHA members had the opportunity to participate in a bike ride adventure. It was a 16 mile round trip from Simsbury to Granby, CT. The guys really had an awesome experience during the ride. They were able to support and encourage each other to keep pushing forward. Working as a team, all of the members successfully completed the bike route in its entirety. Program participants also enjoyed a barbecue lunch at Granbrook Park during the midway point of the ride. They were able to socialize, listen to music and build lasting memories with each other. This was an awesome opportunity for the men to exercise outside of the Wellness Center at Wilson-Gray and enjoy the outdoors. They have been working hard on improving their health and this is another great milestone accomplished. Way to work fellas!
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