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Water Safety at Home and at Camp

Posted on 5/12/15 6:04 AM by Will Kusek
Summer is finally on its way-- and perhaps the brave among you have already taken a dip in a local lake or river ahead of pools opening. Water activities, from swimming and boating to simply soaking in cool water on a hot day, are among the season's favorite pastimes for families relaxing together and campers spending time away from home. As much fun as they can be, water sports can also be among summer's most dangerous activities. That is why you should make sure everyone in your family can swim! Whether your children will be spending their school vacation at a supervised camp, having unscheduled time with family and friends, or a combination of both,knowing how to swim can save their life. You should discuss water safety before anyone steps foot in the water-- and regularly over the course of the summer.
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YMCA of Greater Hartford Celebrates Cause Driven Leaders!

Posted on 5/4/15 12:55 PM by Will Kusek
The YMCA of Greater Hartford is a cause driven organization. This means we think differently because we consider our community needs first, find the resources to address these needs, and measure our impact; we put a caring adult into the life of every child, are good stewards of the resources entrusted to us, and work in collaboration with others to eliminate the disparities in health and education; and it means we communicate our vision to our members and celebrate the work we do by collecting and telling our stories in the community.
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Posted on 12/22/14 5:49 PM by Natalie Zembrzuski
Are your New Year's resolutions getting tougher and tougher to stick to? You're not alone. It's cold. The daily commute has been slippery more days than not, and the kids have had snow days, late openings, and early dismissals. It's getting just a little bit harder to find the motivation to keep that resolution to eat better and prepare nutritious meals. Cheer up! There's a little more sunshine every day, and there's still time to turn your New Year's resolutions in to "All Year's" habits that will last! Here are some tips to get you started: Prepare yourself to succeed: If your kitchen is your healthy meal workshop, then your spice cabinet is your healthy cooking toolbox. It's the place where you find flavor for your favorite meals. I dare you to reach into the back. Did little plastic containers fly off the shelf? Did you touch something that expired in the early 2000's)? Remove everything from the shelves and evaluate what you have. If you don't know why you have it, or when you bought it, it's time to throw it out. Spices don't go bad, but they lose flavor over time. And it's not easy to cook when your kitchen is cluttered! And don't forget your refrigerator. It's time to say goodbye to the mystery leftovers and expired condiments. Wipe the shelves down and get ready to restock and cook!
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